Oval Embossed Tray

No matter what you have in mind to serve your guest. There is just the right platter from Red Rose Foods that will reflect quality and taste in both what you serve and how you serve it.

There is a perfect shape and size for any thing your wish to serve-be it appetizers at smaller more intimate gatherings or salads at the dining table, or fruit, sandwiches, appetizers, sushi or an elaborate buffet arrangement for desserts. You can mix and match these with other serving ware to give your table a contemporary look.

These platter work well with wrought iron, ceramic and porcelain pieces the versatility of these platters is only matched by your creativity.


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Additional Information

Weight 1.22 kg
Dimensions 21.75 × 40.64 × 2.54 cm

Stainless Steel



Body Style


Surface Features

Polished Stainless Steel Exterior, Polished Stainless Steel Interior

Dishwasher Safe


Oven Safe



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