Utensil Set

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This handy utensil set contains:

  • 10″ French whip
    • Stainless steel construction, sanitary sealed handles, flexible lighter wire.
    • French whip is epoxy filled for superior durability and has eight soldered wires to allow for plenty of aeration as you beat the ingredients together.
  • Slotted basting spoon
    • 18 gauge stainless steel.
    • Handle is deep grooved for strength.
    • Spoons are designed for heavy use and are ideal for everyday use in busy commercial kitchens.
  • 9″ tongs
    • Multi-purpose, colour coded, one-piece tongs (scalloped grip) with a stainless steel base and PVC coating.
    • One piece construction eliminates food traps and ensures sanitation.
  • 3oz ladle
    • Stainless steel one piece construction, bright finish.
    • Hooked handle to prevent sliding and easy storage.
    • Grooved handle for added strength.
    • Precise capacities.
    • Dimensions: 3oz capacity, 9.4″ handle length, 3.6″¬†bowl diameter.
  • Measuring spoon set
    • Easy measuring.
    • Stainless Steel.
    • Provides straight edge for levelling ingredients.
    • Set is secured with stainless steel ring.



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